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We realize that finding a suitable and cost effective place to live is most important to all new students, especially those who have come to a foreign land. We will assist you in your effort to find a suitable accommodation for yourself.

Student Hostel

Unfortunately, we do not provide accommodation within the college compound. Nonetheless, there are several student hostels which consist of 3 to 6-bedroom apartments located within 5km radius from the college. Each apartment is able to accommodate 4 to 12 occupants, depending on its size and for your information; every one of them is fully furnished.  More importantly, we have also hired a few wardens to look into your welfare.

All students’ apartments are equipped with the following facilities:

  • A common sitting area with sofa, television set and  a set of dining table
  • A kitchen with a cooker, refrigerator, electric kettle and washing machine
  • A few bedrooms (single or twin sharing) with beds, mattresses, pillows, bed sheets, pillow cases, wardrobes, study desks and chairs
  • Wi-Fi
  • The rental charge for the accommodation ranges from RM500 to RM700 per student, depending on the room type. This is inclusive of utilities and internet connection.




Applying for Accommodation

We will send to all successful applicants all the necessary details about how to apply for an accommodation in your offer. Nevertheless, we will only process your  

application for student hostel once you have confirmed acceptance to study here and paid your fees.


Renting Private Accommodation

Another option that you could consider is renting a private apartment or house on your own or sharing it with friends. In such a case, you are responsible for the

property and have to sign a rental contract with a landlord and abide by it.


Rental charges depend greatly on the distance of the house or apartment from the college.  The approximate cost of renting a room in a house near the college is

RM300-RM500 per month, but this again is dependent on the size, location and facilities provided. Generally, the further away you live from the centre of Kuala Lumpur,

the cheaper are the rents. Unfortunately, this may increase your travel time and costs. Utility and internet connection bills are normally not included in rental charges and

are often shared with housemates. 


At present, there are several places like Arena Shamelin Apartment, Shamelin Perkasa Apartment, Angsana Hilir Condo, Bukit Pandan Condominium and U-Thant Villa that

are situated near the College. The estimated monthly rental of any 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom apartment is between MYR1, 500 to MYR2, 000.